How to Travel with Pets

When you make the decision of taking your pet to travel with you, you must choose a comfortable and safe conveyance. If you already have decided the way of traveling, keep reading the article to know some safety tips.

By car

If you want to take your pet with you in your car, keep a few points in your mind.

  • Take your pet for a walk before starting the long journey.
  • Get the right carrier or crate for your pet that is comfortable. Make sure to secure it with a seat belt so your pet is safe.
  • Do not keep your pet on the front seat, the backseat is the right place for your pet to rest.
  • Find a friend or a family member to accompany your trip so that you have someone trustworthy to look after your pet when you have to get food or other supplies, or you have to use the restroom.
  • Avoid taking pets in an open pickup truck because that can be dangerous.
  • Take rest stops after every half hour or one for your pet.
  • When you get out of the car, take your pet with you. Don’t leave them alone.

By Plane

Planes are usually not the best idea to take your pets for traveling as they are not very safe. Some pets have short nasal passages so there is a risk of suffocation and oxygen deprivation. Keep the following things in mind if you have to take your pet on an airplane.

  • You have to check if the air line you are using allow pets in your cabin with extra charges or not.
  • Keep good care of your pet at airport security. While X-Ray scanning, harness them properly so they won’t get harmed.
  • If your pet has to go in the cargo hold, be aware. Temperature is not maintained properly, and no ventilation system is present, and they are handled with no care that usually results in killing many pets each year.
  • Try to get a direct flight when you travel with your pet.
  • If possible, travel on the same flight as your pet.
  • Notify someone on the plane that your pet is also traveling in the cargo, so they may take few precautions.
  • As soon as you are off the board and on a safe place, open the crate and check on your pet if it’s fine.

If you avoid all risks and take good care of your pet, you can surely travel with your pet safely.

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