Tips for staying healthy while traveling

Travelling can be a strenuous activity for you; especially when it involves demanding activities like mountain climbing and hiking. You are on the move most of the time and using a lot of energy in the process that needs to be replenished. Sometimes you may not get the time to have a decent meal and may opt to grab snacks along the way which may not be healthy if overdone. You should, therefore, take every meal seriously and ensure that it is balanced to provide you with the required energy to push you throughout your travel time and keep you fit.

Eat breakfast, well-balanced breakfast can provide you with the necessary energy to push you through the day. Some hotels and motels offer breakfast for their occupants. You can also prefer to prepare your own breakfast in B&BS or hotel rooms that have a kitchen or kitchenette. A breakfast of eggs, bacon, a toast of bread and fruit juice can offer the required energy to start your day. You should go low on calorific foods as they tend to leave you feeling tired and less energetic.

Exercise, now that you are out of your country, it does not mean that you have to quit the gym; you can make a subscription to the local gym for the intended visit time. Some hotels also have gyms available for their occupants which you can take advantage of. You can also take the morning run as you do in your home country; this is after checking out for the security in the area, as some places are prone to mugging and kidnapping to lone travelers.

Drink water, staying hydrated is good for your body and will always leave your skin glowing. In places where there is no available clean natural water, you can carry along with your bottled water. Water also comes at hand when your car engine overheats.

Enough sleep, the recommended 6 hours of sleep can leave you feeling refreshed and energized to face you the next day. 

Consume less alcohol, alcohol is a depressant and should be taken in small quantities. Dealing with a hangover on your trip day is not an awesome experience. Where you attend night outs ensure that you drink a lot of water in between drinks to keep you hydrated. A plus of consuming less alcohol is that you make better decisions. I once drove home after a night of drinking and ran into my garage door. I had to call Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company to get it fixed in the middle of the night so my landlord wouldn’t find out!

Eat fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables provide your body with vitamins and some important minerals that are important to your body. 

Wear Sunscreen; apply sunscreen to all parts of your body that are exposed to the weather elements, especially when visiting areas around the equator that tend to receive more sunlight.

Don’t overeat; getting to taste foreign dishes can be an overwhelming experience. You should consider taking small bites, instead of a plateful taking into consideration your dieting restrictions. 

Walk, walking for small distances instead of hailing for a cab can leave you feeling all exercised, it will also burn away the extra body fat, and you get a chance to view the city on your own.

Mosquito repellant and vaccination, especially when traveling to Africa and other mosquito prone areas, you should carry along a mosquito repellant. You should also vaccinate yourself against all the prevalent and endemic diseases in your area of travel. In cases where you get sick after traveling notify your doctor, they can put into consideration other ailments you might have contracted.

You need to remain healthy for the ultimate travel experience. The idea of getting sick while on your most coveted trip is not good and can lead you to blame yourself for not taking the necessary precautions. Keep your body safe so it can take care of you.…